3M Exclusive Certified Clear Film with Antimicrobial Properties*
for ANY Surface

COVID-19 has reshaped how businesses will operate and how people will interact with the world

COVID-19 Impact

  • 80% of US not engaging in out of home activities
  • 22% say they will not return to public spaces until businesses take additional safety measures, 29% say not until medical authorities deem safe
  • 78% would pay a premium for safer products and services
  • High-touch surfaces pose risks unless disinfected after each instance of contact

Response Needed

  • Actual protection from virus and other illnesses (reducing contact points)
  • Medical authorities state there should be consistent cleaning and use of PPE
  • Efforts to encourage social distancing
  • Visual representation of safety initiatives

Given the numerous high-touch surfaces in shared spaces, a trusted, clear layer, certified by the Society of Industrial Technology for Antimicrobial Articles (SIAA), can provide       peace of mind.

The 3M Japan-produced film provides unique features exclusively offered through RailEyes TouchPoint


  • Heavy-duty film lasts up to 2 years before replacement is needed
  • Highest-grade urethane resin film
  • Film is scratch, scuff, tear, and slide resistant
  • Protects touchscreens, metals, etc from damage


  • Medical-grade Antimicrobial properties*, JIS Z 2801 certified (antibacterial processed product, antibacterial test method, antimicrobial effect) using integrated silver ions
    • Silver is effective against pathogens resistant to chemical disinfectants
  • Self-cleaning product that does not require constant cleaning and disinfecting
  • A message can be printed on the film to assure the safety and grade of antimicrobial properties* to users


  • Film can be manipulated to fit around a multitude of surfaces
  • Easy to peel off / replace
    • Leaves no residue or damage
    • Removability is not guaranteed for all substrates
  • Flexible application and use 

The two standards are the Japanese JIS Z 2801 and its Western equivalent, ISO 22196. In these methods, treated test samples and untreated control samples are inoculated with the test virus. The test virus is held in place under a flexible coverslip and the samples exposed for 24 hours. Following exposure, the samples are neutralized, serial dilutions are performed of the neutralized solution and the dilutions are then assayed for viral infectivity by an assay method specific for the test virus. Appropriate virus, test substance cytotoxicity, and neutralization controls are run concurrently. Finally, the percent and log reduction in viral infectivity are calculated as compared to the corresponding virus control (Microchemlab.com).

Not only do the TouchPoint material pass with a confirming score of 2.0, it also achieves this score under both wet and dry conditions, while it maintains TUV Certified UV protection and fireproofing. Most importantly it is certified with the mark of the Society of Industrial Technology for Antibacterial Articles (SIAA), meeting the highest quality standards.


  • CERTIFIED to inhibit the proliferation of pathogens for extended periods of time
  • Trustmark PROVE your commitment to health
  • SAVE from cleaning labor and toxic disinfectants
  • Easily to apply on surfaces and DURABLE
  • ADVERTISE your BRAND aligned with hygiene


Antimicrobial products kill microorganisms and inhibit their growth, including bacteria, viruses, and other potentially harmful pathogens.

Our product uses the highest-grade heavy-duty urethane film embedded with silver ions. When these particles encounter microbes, they infiltrate the pathogen and interfere with its functions, including with its DNA replication. This kills the microbes that meet the film and prevents the growth of new harmful materials. TouchPoint poses no health risk to people.

Silver has long proven its antimicrobial properties. It is effective against viruses and bacteria that are drug-resistant. 

Silver ions have an oligodynamic effect where the microscopic ions kill microbes that interact with them. Pathogens are killed and are removed by the film upon contact.

Yes. Our product does not rely on any harmful toxins or chemicals. The film is made with safe, allergy-free silver ions inside of the polyurethane film. Silver has long been proven to have no harmful effects on humans, particularly for external contact.

Our product has a lifetime of two years compared to the industry average of three months.

The Society of Industrial Technology for Antimicrobial Articles and the Japan Industrial Standards, in accordance with the International Organization of Standardization, are international certifying groups that measure the antimicrobial properties of products. TouchPoint has been rigorously stress-tested for durability, reliability, and safety on a variety of surfaces over long periods of time. Our product has received international certification of the highest standards for being 99% effective against all microbes and for its durability in both wet and dry conditions.

Our product is tear, slip, scratch, scuff, and slide resistant. It is made of the highest-grade urethane resin film produced by 3M Japan. It’s pressure-based adhesive leaves no residue on removal. It is safe to clean with soapy water.

Our product easily applies onto any clean, smooth surface. After cleaning the desired application surface, you simply peel off the product backing and apply our pressure-adhesive film onto the surface. Apply pressure onto TouchPoint to make it stay on the surface. As needed, clean TouchPoint with soapy water.

TouchPoint can be applied onto any hard, clean, smooth surface. That includes touchscreens, surface tops, bottles, buttons, handles, railing, doorknobs, and stationary, among others.

RailEyes helps organizations engage and protect their customers in private and public spaces ranging from airports to shopping malls to sports arenas, providing your brand with a targeted reach that’s guaranteed to gain more strategic visibility.

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