– 3X More Effective than any other advertising.

– One hour install per escalator.

– Tamper resistant, UV Resistant, Fire resistant.

– Residue-free Removal.

– Easy to clean.

RailEyes Handrails

RailEyes handrail graphics are durable. It makes escalator handrails beautiful, safe, and powerfully effective at capturing rider attention for the whole escalator journey. RailEyes utilizes a two layer product that has been designed specifically for the escalator and lasts up to a year after install.


– Captivating as riser graphics rise from the ground

– Floor graphics indicate safe place to stand

– Long lasting, up to three years

– Includes full deep-clean of escalator

Step EFX Steps and Risers

RailEyes is the only company in North America to offer step and riser graphics for escalators. These durable and colorful applications have been proven to improve escalator safety and provide a visual experience second to none!


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