Advertising In New Ways

What if I told you that there are new advances to enhance your advertising career? New ways to advertise, new markets to reach and new customers to persuade. Technology has always been a booming industry, especially in the past decade, but it’s constantly changing by the day. Pay attention to these trends as you shape your advertising career:

  1. Virtual Advertising: The emergence of virtual reality “VR” is consuming the gaming world. Virtual reality creates simulated situations and provides the user with “real-likesituations to endure. This new technology gives advertisers a new way to appeal to their target market by reaching them in a new light. VR has opened the door to advertising before, during or after a video game is being played; contribute specific song choices, throw in name brands when customizing the reality and get your brand name exposed. The new gaming technology is limitless.
  2. Exploding Mobile: It’s no secret that the mobile industry has been booming since the first smartphone was created. However, the industries boom hasn’t stopped. With the new advancing technology within smartphones, advertising has become easier than ever, and it will only get better as the technology advances. Take Snap Chat for example, you can advertise your brand through a fun filter and reach millions without the Snap Chat users getting overwhelmed with excessive advertising. Get on Mobile, advertise strategically and watch the explosion.
  3. Two-Way Advertising: Along with the booming of mobile, apps are exploding with it. There has been a huge explosion with app advertising. The apps explosion is influenced off of a win-win situation; the app companies will charge advertising to advertise in their app to draw in money for themselves and the advertiser will have exposure to hopefully draw in business and money as well.
  4. Keep it Short: Advertising via video is a great way to get your consumer engaged visually and simulate their emotions without saying much. On the contrary, the video needs to stay short. Consumers lose interest extremely quickly when it comes to ads especially ones that exceed longer than 30 seconds. Get to the point, expose your brand and get out.
  5. Smartwatches: Personalized interactions with affluent, tech-loving consumers are where smartwatches excel, says Consumer Technology. While Smartwatches are contacted to mobile and messaging apps, it gives your advertising a new medium to expose your brand. Always have your brand with your consumer with just a flick of the wrist.
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