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It’s no secret that in today’s day in age, social media is the biggest booming platform to date. What if I told you that there are other expanding media platforms that requires attention? According to Small Business Trends, 92% of online ads aren’t even noticed and ad online blocking is costing the advertising $22 billion in 2015. Look outside the standard advertising media platforms when deciding the best way to advertise your company and stay alert to what’s around you. Here are four tips to ensure your brand is staying ahead of the advertising curve:

  1. Travelers Take Note: According to Arbitron National In-Car Study 2013 edition, nearly 90% of Americans aged 18+ have traveled the roads or rails in a vehicle and are actively exposed to the outdoor media around them. With wondering eyes and more then 89% of the U.S. population having used motor transportations within the past month, your outdoor impressions can hit over millions in the blink of an eye.
  2. Generate Buzz: Roughly 4/10 out-of-home media viewers have talked about the advertisements that they’ve seen. While you thought that single-viewed impressions were enough, imagine the buzz you will get when viewers spread your message via word-of-mouth: the biggest voice your brand can generate.
  3. Walking doesn’t just benefit your health: While walking is an excellent source of exercise it is also a great way to get your brand and brand message exposed. More than half (54%) of U.S. adults have said they have walked in a town, city or downtown are in the past month and spend an average of walking about four hours per week. Outdoor media creates active impressions with more eyes on your message than the traditional dismissal of online advertisements.
  4. Out-of-the box thinking: Pay attention to nontraditional advertising. Many media outlets have been exhausted (i.e. bus stop chair advertisements) and more out-of-the box advertising is being developed. Look at your surroundings. Just like most industries, the world of advertising is constantly evolving.

While online media is very important to keep your brand relevant, it may not be the most compelling outlet to advertise effectively. With the world’s technology and industry booming exponentially, be on the lookout for new innovative mediums to share your message- they may be more obvious to spot then you think!

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