Ditch the Elevator Pitch: Get with the Escalator Roll

By Cynthia Fodell

The attention spans of consumers have diminished over the past decade. Social media, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other communication channels have defined an era of automatic engagement with your prospective clients. Our global economy and its influx of information have resulted in a dramatic decline in our attention spans. The Digital Age mandates that you convey your brand and message clearly, concisely and in a compelling way that resonates with your audience—in 8.25 seconds. (Statistic Brain Research Institute, www.statisticbrain.com).

The vanishing attention span of consumers commands another look at the way marketers prepare their campaigns. In the postindustrial world, leaders had the luxury of time to present their drip marketing initiatives; it was a static media world of 80’s three martini lunches, MacIntosh Computers and hanging around the office smoking cigarettes, planning the next happy hour (watch Mad Men).

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Everything is different now. It becomes more difficult every day to capture the attention of the consumer: it’s like trying to drain a bathtub with an eyedropper.

In the age of information, our brains are constantly being rewired. We no longer read left to right to process content; rather, our brains are forging shortcuts to absorb the massive influx of information. We scan, search for keywords continuously scrolling up and down so we can move on to the next article, website or post. “It’s fast and furious and futuristic. Existence has become one continuous elevator pitch, with the elevator changing from every floor.” (Miguel Conner – business2business.com)

STEP FORWARD RAILEYES! We move your brand forward through escalator advertising, driving brand awareness and consumer engagement within the 8.25-second attention span. Escalator advertising captures the attention of your target demographic numerous times as they move through their day and integrates traditional print advertising with the immediacy of digital and mobile.

The convergence of mobile and print has been tried, tested and proven throughout Europe, Japan and many parts of North America, with outstanding results. Our unique advertising solution will capture the attention of your ideal customers in a compelling and impactful way.

  • Malls and Retail Centers escalator advertising drives brand awareness and foot traffic by improving consumer recall rate. In independent case studies, as much as 76% of escalator riders were able to recall the brands advertised, unprompted.
  • Stadiums and Arenas get fans pumped and in the end zone with the vibrant colors and designs of stadium escalator handrail advertising in the hands of your fans, helping to solidify their loyalty to your team.
  • Conventions and Trade Shows have discovered that escalator ads make it easy to generate sponsorship revenue for their trade show, convention or fundraising event. It’s a two-run hit: it also makes your sponsors happy!
  • Airports and Metro Stations with their moving sidewalks are the ideal place to reach desired audiences with hyper-local targeting.


Another meaningful and tangible advantage to RailEyes’ escalator advertising products are our antimicrobial properties that continuously cleanse the escalator handrails, offering a sanitary and highly effective advertising channel that is both environmentally responsible and protects the health of our citizens. Our unique product is easy to remove and install multiple times with no damage or residue on the handrail. This protective film guards against numerous bacteria, including E. coli that lives and grows on escalator handrails and other surfaces we encounter on a daily basis.

RailEyes film protects escalator handrails while promoting your company, catching the consumer in real-time, when they are in the midst of a buying decision. Visit our website to learn more about this revolution in protecting your health while conveying a compelling and impactful marketing message: www.raileyes.com

“It is the people who figure out how to work simply in the present, rather than the people who mastered the complexities of the past, who get to say what happens in the future.” ~ Clay Shirky

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