A Passion for Escalators and Advertising


Do you remember your first ride on an escalator?

Mine was when I was 8 years old. I was taking my first international trip out of Kenya and rode it at the airport, begging my parents to let me ride it over again and again. Even today, riding an escalator provides a glimmer of excitement as I grab the handrail and step on a wonderful piece of moving machinery.

It’s not difficult to imagine the escalator ride as a visceral experience, after all, it was originally designed over 100 years ago as an amusement ride. Perhaps that’s the reason why my team is so excited about the potential RailEyes escalator handrail advertising brings to the daily experience of over 245 million riders daily.

These days, most of the innovation that is coming about in advertising and marketing is virtual or mobile. While the online option is not something that most businesses can afford to avoid, a good marketing strategy does not put all its eggs in one basket. The problem, however, is that viewership of traditional print media such as newspapers and magazines has significantly declined, while billboards have become more obtrusive.

This is Where RailEyes Comes in and Creates a Unique Space

Escalator advertising is a blend of attractive traditional and cutting edge technology led by seasoned business leaders with experience leading or advising companies of all sizes. Our diverse experience creates value for our customers because we better understand the fundamentals of your business needs and we are lean enough to be creative.

RailEyes Serves Two Distinct Customers and We Take the Needs of Each Very Seriously

We serve our partners: the forward-thinking escalator owners, by providing the opportunity to monetize their escalators. Whether the property owner partner has its own sales team or needs RailEyes to bring in the advertisers, our partner can significantly earn revenue on a consistent weekly or monthly basis at no cost to them. RailEyes will do all the work and provide a no risk guarantee.

RailEyes also serves advertisers and marketers. We love that our new and unique service works for the pioneers who value being among the first in North America to a medium that is proven more effective than most other forms of advertising. We have worked hard to make our service affordable, yet significantly more effective than other options.

Our Culture Values Good Humor, Competence, and a Sense of Urgency

As we go about our day and put our hands on escalators around the city, we feel an overwhelming sense of purpose to add beauty to those boring, black escalator handrails. We can’t wait to work with local facilities and advertisers. As we launch, we are extremely fortunate to have the interest of desirable, exciting brands such as the NFL and NBA show interest in our solution so early into our existence. It is the trust and vision of brands such as these that gives us the confidence that our passion for what we offer is indeed appealing and effective. We look forward to working with your escalator and your brand to create truly gripping advertisements!

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