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Escalator Step & Handrail Graphics Provide a Sturdy Foundation for Your Brand

Escalator safety graphics have been popular abroad for many years and RailEyes is bringing it to airports, convention center, sporting arena, or shopping mall near you.

What We Do

RailEyes turns boring black handrails, steps, and risers into an eye-catching experience. Basically all the visible moving escalator parts! We sell, print, and apply full color designs onto a film customized for escalator handrails. escalator handrail advertising billboard
RailEyes escalator provide your brand with a targeted reach that’s guaranteed to gain more strategic visibility. Reach more customers with targeted messaging that strengthens your brand awareness.

245 million people ride escalators in North America each day.  Handrails can engage a captive audience for up to 30 seconds. RailEyes helps your brand engage with its customers on escalators in airports, shopping malls, subway and railway stations, sports arenas, and exhibition halls.

We provide full service acquisition and placement for that can feature national brands, building tenants, or even special events.

Some of Our Partners and Clients

Which Are You?


Looking to add the RailEyes technology to your current escalator in your venue?


Looking to improve the escalator safety at local mall or airport?

Given that there are over 10,000 reported escalator accidents annually in the United States, with 81% of them occurring in transit stations such as airports, and with 29% of the accidents fatal, my company believes that our ability to reduce these accidents should be our primary calling. Essentially, attractive graphics on steps, risers, and handrails are found to modify rider behavior enough at key moments so as to psychologically influence a safer escalator journey. For example, we have found that attractive graphics on handrails, combined with a clean, antimicrobial surface that has a pleasant haptic has the effect of encouraging riders to hold the handrail and for a longer period.

Using active and novel graphics is a paradigm shift from existing attempts to encourage rider behavior through classes on safe riding. Additionally, the current standard signage and warning labels on escalators have existed for decades and are thus ignored as they remain static and over-familiar. We have always believed in aesthetics and respect the escalator as a key component of a building’s architectural integrity. The attractive graphics can reflect the spirit of the city, it’s people, and the art present around the escalator. As installation takes less than an hour per escalator, the art can be seasonal, or culturally thoughtful as well. Safety messages can still be used, albeit more effectively. For example, “Please Stand, Don’t Run” is extremely eye-catching as it appears on the front of steps, rising from the ground in direct eye-level to oncoming passenger traffic.

Previously, we envisioned our technology to simply be an effective communicator for brands and advertising; whereby venues can monetize escalators and brands enjoy 30+ seconds of captive audiences. However, this is no longer our focus. Rather, we are interested in passenger benefit and training your existing maintenance team, for ease of implementation, as well as work with the airport’s property and casualty insurance carrier to negotiate an insurance discount for the escalators. Please note that our handrail product was developed in association with Semperit, and our Steps and Risers products were developed by 3M Japan. We have been certified and accredited by TUV SUD in Switzerland, and we are a minority and women-owned small business.

Are you ready to launch your escalator safety campaign?

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