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Escalator Handrail Ads Provide a Sturdy Foundation for Your Brand Marketing

Escalator handrail advertising has been popular abroad for many years and RailEyes is bringing it to airports, convention center, sporting arena, or shopping mall near you.

What We Do

RailEyes turns boring black handrails into an eye-catching experience. We sell, print, and apply full color designs onto a film customized for escalator handrails.
RailEyes escalator ads provide your brand with a targeted reach that’s guaranteed to gain more strategic visibility. Reach more customers with targeted messaging that strengthens your brand awareness.

245 million people ride escalators in North America each day. Ads on handrails can engage a captive audience for up to 30 seconds. RailEyes helps your brand engage with its customers on escalators in airports, shopping malls, subway and railway stations, sports arenas, and exhibition halls.

We provide full service acquisition and placement for ads that can feature national brands, building tenants, or even special events.

Some of Our Partners and Clients

Which Are You?

Looking to add the RailEyes technology to your current escalator in your venue

Looking to put your brand on the escalator at local mall or airport

Are you ready to launch your escalator ad campaign?

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